My philosophy of work

The liutherie must serve the purpose of providing high quality goods and services to instrumental music. I therefore intend to truly live my activity, whether it's a creation of a new instrument or the restoration to conserve one. The Leitmotiv keeps hence being aiming towards those characteristics of abstract and total harmony which normally distinguish a masterpiece.


Igor Moroder , spiritual and actual discendent of the more famous painter Josef Moroder Lusenberg (Ortisei 1846-1939) , born in Bolzano in 1961 , was raised in Ortisei in Valgardena and had the opportunity to study the wood from his sculptors grandparents, other than being initiated to the music by his musician parents. He got into the liutherie world after the degree in Cremona in 1980 and completed his studies until 1990, working in the Schenk workshop in Bern and Gerber-Mastrangelo workshop in Losanne, learning during those experieces the most various restoring techniques of arch instruments and taking the opportunity to study ancient instruments of immense artistic value. The friendship with a Belgian chimical resarcher focused in the field of liuthier's varnishes was also very determinng in Moroder's preparation. Since 1991 he works on his own, and having initially worked in Verona, then in Turin, he now dedicates himself to his activity in the hearth of Milan, where he moved in 2014 taking his workshop in the prestigious Campanini's House in Vincenzo Bellini road. Igor Moroder decided not to partecipate a single liutherie challenge because of his personal beliefs, despite having created around 200 instruments among violins, violas and cellos. For the same reasons he has never been a member of liutherie's associations. Still, he mantains contacts with the liutherie's elite as well as with ronowned restoration centers. Moreover, Moroder experienced also teaching in various occasions, conducting lessons and seminaries on specifical themes both for musicians and liuthiers.



"Casa Campanini"
Via Vincenzo Bellini, 11 - Milano 20122 - ITALY

MOBILE : +39 348 225 0015
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